Hadaka Matsuri naked festival

The annual Saidai-ji Eyo hadaka matsuri (nudity festival), a ritual said to have originated in the Muromachi Period (1338-1573), was held last Saturday at the Saidai-ji Kannon-in temple in Okayama’s Higashi Ward.

Thousands of men dressed in traditional loincloth packed into the temple grounds and grappled for a pair of shingi (sacred wood), each measuring about 20cm long, and tossed from the window of the temple’s main altar.

According to local belief, those who manage to get their hands on the wooden amulet and race out of the temple’s precincts will be blessed with good fortune for the rest of the year.

Credits: Asahicom@YT & Yeinjee

Japanese hole digging competition

Over a thousand people gathered on the outskirts of Tokyo earlier this month with their shovels to take part in the 11th national hole-digging contest. The aim is to dig either the deepest or the most creative hole.

Credits: NTDTV@YT

Seven Japanese Gods of Luck Festival

Seven Gods of Luck Festival (Shichifukujin) at Kotohiragu Shrine in Tokyo.

Credits: RoninDave@YT

Ramen extravaganza in Tokyo

The Komazawa Olympic Stadium is hosting what might be the world’s greatest ramen event ever: The Tokyo Ramen Show (Japanese link).

Tokyo ramen show

The best ramen chefs from around the country will congregate here and offer delicious bowls of noodle soup to attendees.

Credits: Tokyomango