Please refrain from using the bathroom alone

Tokyo Richmond Hotel Engrish sign board

What they mean is “please refrain from using the bathroom only”, or in other words… bathroom is for hotel guests only.

Japanese word for “only” can also means alone but out of context when the wrong choice is made when translated.

Apparently the Richmond Hotel is located in Asakusa, a popular tourist destination in Tokyo; and many of the tourists flocked in to use the toilet.

Credit: Reddit, via Rocketnews

How to make panda sushi roll

A detailed guide to making some fancy and cute sushi rolls.

Credit: MakeSushi1@YT

Japanese school girl uniforms & moe points

Japanese high school uniforms from various regions and their “moe” points.

Japanese school uniforms moe points

Credits: Petit_flare (Japanese) & Waku2japan

EXILIM FR10 commercial

Commercial movie for EXILIM FR10, a “split camera” by Casio which allows new ways to take photos.

Credit: CasioJapanOfficial@YT

Egg croquette sandwich

Bread + eggs + croquettes. Simple combination which looks so yummylicious.

Japanese egg croquette bread

Credits: Tami0607 & Misaolikes