World’s first 8K ultra high definition display

Japanese electronic products manufacturer Sharp unveils 85-inch direct-view LCD compatible with super hi-vision.

Credit: Diginfonews@YT

Kiss Transmission Device

Oral communication device which can “send a kiss via the internet”, made by The University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, Japan.

Credit: Diginfonews@YT

New bullet train starts operation

The E5 Series bullet train has started its operation on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line. Many fans gathered at Tokyo Station last Saturday to witness its first run.

E5 Series bullet train for Tohoku Shinkansen Line

Operated by East Japan Railway Co., the train connects Tokyo Station and Shin-Aomori station in Aomori City, with a top speed of 320km per hour.

Credits: Sohu (Chinese)

Robot marathon in Osaka

The world’s first full-length marathon for two-legged robots was held in Osaka last week. The winner took more than two days to cross the finish line.

Robot marathon in Osaka

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Sega installs Toylet games in Tokyo urinals

Sega has announced that it’s testing consoles called Toylets in urinals around Tokyo. The novel hardware asks the user to strategically vary the strength and location of his urine stream to play a series of games.

Sega toilet games

Each urinal is installed with a pressure sensor. An LCD screen is mounted on the wall above, letting the gamer select from and play four different mini games. For now, Sega has installed Toylets in four Tokyo metro locations. The test will run through Jan 31.

Credits: Wired