Shinmoedake peak volcanic eruption

Amazing photos from the Shinmoedake volcano which erupted on January 27. People from nearby villages was asked for voluntary evacuations, but thankfully it seems that nothing serious has happened.

Shinmoedake volcanic eruption

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Japan sends Sushi Police to fight bad sushi

Japan’s sushi industry is to launch a campaign this month aimed at protecting the reputation of sushi, citing concerns that the national dish may develop a reputation as a dangerous food. Real story, but wicked presentation lol.

Credit: NMAWorldEdition@YT

We Wish You A Merry Christmas in Japanese

Credits: NorthPoleChristmas@YT

Giant rubber duck in Osaka

Giant rubber duck visiting Osaka for the second time.

Credits: Darwinfish105@YT & Yeinjee

Snow monkeys and onsen

The snow monkeys of Jigokudani enjoying hot spring.

Credits: Sankeinews@YT