Japan sends Sushi Police to fight bad sushi

Japan’s sushi industry is to launch a campaign this month aimed at protecting the reputation of sushi, citing concerns that the national dish may develop a reputation as a dangerous food. Real story, but wicked presentation lol.

Credit: NMAWorldEdition@YT

Snow monkeys and onsen

The snow monkeys of Jigokudani enjoying hot spring.

Credits: Sankeinews@YT

Humanoid robot takes on J-pop soon?

HRP-4C Humanoid Robot, which was first introduced last year, now sings even more naturally. Who knows, we might be seeing a robot singing on Music Station soon.

Update: Sharing another newer video of the robot singing and ‘dancing’ too.

Credits: Diginfonews@YT & Kmoriyama@YT

Tarako pasta sauce commercial

Wacky pasta sauce commercial. Tarako… Tarako… Tarako…

Credits: Anabellas@YT